3 Tier Team


Supplier Advantage

  • Suppliers in CO and other markets are hitting the wall most $5 to $10M brands hit. Issues scaling.

  • GRD will help suppliers by reducing costs relative to scaling by consolidating sales forces, limiting logistics & distribution needs, and optimizing data collection.

  • GRD will provide broader distribution and sales coverage at a fraction of the price of an internal sales team.

  • GRD will allow suppliers to focus on their core competency; production & marketing.

  • GRD will be a collaborative partner to premium brands of various sizes, helping to build new brands and expand established ones.

GRD Core Competency

  • Leveraging its existing liquor distribution businesses and expertise, GRD will provide comprehensive account management to over 600-retailers throughout CO.

  • GRD will provide sales growth and weekly coverage to all of its accounts.

  • GRD will support suppliers & retail accounts through data & business intelligence.

  • GRD will provide frequent & reliable logistics and collection services for suppliers and accounts.

  • GRD will support robust merchandising & marketing initiatives to help support brand awareness and sell through.

Account Advantage

  • Retailers are beginning to be inundated with hundreds of different suppliers, each using their own ordering systems.

  • GRD will streamline supplier interaction with accounts by reducing the # of supplier contacts.

  • GRD will provide staff training & merchandising to independent and chain accounts.

  • GRD will provide consistency and accountability.

  • GRD will seek to empower independent retailers by providing the same tools chain accounts leverage for merchandising & optimization.

  • Lastly, GRD will provide a broader selection of products to accounts throughout the state, enhancing customer experiences.